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Massage Tui'Na

Massage Tui'Na

  • C$80,00

1 h
1417 Rue Atateken,Montréal,QC H2L 3L2 Canada

La description

For those carrying deep stress and tension in their muscles, the Tui'na is the best option.It'i Chinese traditional massage.

It is made to release austere stress and tension within both the muscles and the connective tissues, also known as fascia.

While other massage methods focus on the top muscles,Tui'na therapy targets those muscles located below the top muscles, deep within the body.

Athletes, laborers, construction workers, and others who are involved in serious physical activity are often those who benefit most from a Tui'na. There are actually varying types of deep tissue massages to match the client’s overall needs.

Tui'na means to literally apply a deeper pressure in order to reach the deeper muscles. This type of massage therapy goes beyond relaxation and comfort and is used to treat muscular and skeletal disorders.

Unlike the Tui'na massage,Tui'na massage therapy does not target the whole body, but only a certain section depending upon the client’s discomfort.

The pressure in a Tui'na massage can be directed to the deep muscle layers as well as the superficial and fascia muscles and tissues.

No matter what body structure needs the healing effects of a Tui'na massage, a skilled massage therapist can work with different muscles and areas.

This massage type is also very intense, making it quite dangerous for an inexperienced masseur or masseuse to work on a client with real disorders or tension problems.

If a Tui'na massage is given by anyone other than an experienced professional, it could result in injury and other serious problems.